Brandie Sebastian

Senior Director, Sustainability, Energy, and Environment, American Iron and Steel Institute

Brandie's Session broadcasts April 21, 2023, 08:30 PM



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About this SPEAKER

Brandie Sebastian is the Senior Director of Sustainability, Energy, and Environment at the American Iron and Steel Institute based remotely in Pittsburgh, PA. She has 16 years of professional sustainability experience in industry and consulting. In her multi-faceted role at AISI, she coordinates the American steel industry’s technical sustainability data and decarbonization activities. Her expertise pertains to the areas of LCA, carbon footprinting, circularity and recycling, and standards development through ASTM and ISO. Brandie served as the Vice Chair/Secretary of ACLCA from 2014-2022 and currently co-chairs the ACLCA Policy Committee. She is an LCA Certified Professional and holds a B.S. in Environmental Systems Engineering and an M.S. in Energy & Geo-Environmental Engineering from Penn State University.


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