Laurie Wright

Solent University, Solent University

About this SPEAKER

Dr Laurie Wright is the Director of the Centre for Marine Sustainability at Solent University. Under his leadership the centre delivers research and innovation to understand and address the global challenges facing our oceans.

Subject matter expert 

Maritime decarbonisation and sustainability expert, with substantial experience and international standing in the sector. Author of large number of articles, reports, and opinion pieces in these areas, including an article currently under review in the leading journal Nature; and advisory representative to national and international working groups.


Founding director of the international research Centre for Marine Sustainability, leading a multidisciplinary team contributing to a £26m portfolio of high impact applied research and innovation projects in the international maritime industry, particularly in decarbonisation, autonomy, and safety. Recipient of prestigious international American Centre for Life Cycle Assessment (ACLCA) award for leadership in 2016.


Delivery of innovative leading-edge solutions to global challenges in the maritime industry. Including a leading autonomous vessel testing facility; EU funded hull architecture assessments saving 2.8% energy for new-build 240PAX vessel; UK CMDC prototype zero emission tri-foiling passenger craft; investigation to assess realism in maritime simulation.


Strong ability to create, build and manage impactful partnerships and networks – using strong influence and negotiation skills to build international collaborations, including to improve sustainability education across N. America and the EU, deliver low carbon ports, and solutions for zero emission vessels


Book Launch and Discussion: The Power of LCA: Data Driven Decision-Making for Environmental Sustainability

April 18, 2023, 10:00 PM
Laurie Wright Endong Wang Mike Levy Rich Helling Jim Fava