MK Natarajan

Project Consultant, WSP USA

About this SPEAKER

Mukunth Natarajan is a Project Consultant on the Sustainability, Energy and Climate Change team at WSP, a global engineering and professional services company. He is an integral part of the team offering Product Sustainability and Life Cycle Assessment services. Mukunth has been with WSP for 1.5 years during which he has worked on projects in the agricultural/food, technology, and financial sectors. He is a member of ACLCA and was recently selected to be the co-chair of the ACLCA Education committee. Mukunth has 6 years of experience in LCA starting with his masters from University of Southern California, and PhD from Arizona State University where he applied the LCA framework to characterize the Food-Energy-Water nexus.


LCA in Agriculture

April 19, 2023, 04:30 PM
Isaac Emery Jonathan Balsvik MK Natarajan