Jeff Zeman

Designing a Sustainability Strategy with LCA

A Session by Jeff Zeman (Principal, TrueNorth Collective)

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Without a strategic view to the role of sustainability in an organization, we create unnecessary risk and inefficiency at a time when so much is at stake. The good news is that it's never too late to discover and install organizationally-aligned sustainability strategy that is durable to the inevitable change that constantly occurs in and around our organizations. LCA can play a powerful role in providing credible data that accelerates and embeds more sustainable design in a similar manner as other business imperatives such as cost, quality, delivery, and innovation.

In this session, you will be introduced to a simple, straightforward process for organizational sustainability strategy and programming design that harnesses the power of data derived from LCA as a source of truth. You'll learn who to involve, how to shape the opportunity for leadership, and how to progress and mature in a manner that creates incremental value, justifying and building momentum for subsequent development steps. You'll discover how to imagine what success looks like in collaboration with your organization, and to use this vision as a north star that guides decision-making along the journey.


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Jeff Zeman

Jeff Zeman

Principal, TrueNorth Collective

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