Gianni Gugliemi Tess Konnovitch

Effective Presentation of LCA Information

A Session by Gianni Gugliemi and Tess Konnovitch

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About this Session

In this session, we will discuss the effective presentation of LCA information. Tess Konnovitch will share the current trends in LCA data visualization, new research-backed methods, and how she visualizes data in her role at EarthShift Global. Gianni Guglielmi will share his research findings that looked to understand which presentations of LCA results are a better or worse fit for the user based on the goal of the LCA. Our goal is to share how research suggests we use (and don't use) an array of data visualization trends, to help our audience effectively present their LCA data. 


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Gianni Gugliemi

Gianni Gugliemi

Engineer II, KeyLogic

Tess Konnovitch

Tess Konnovitch

Data Visualization Specialist, EarthShift Global

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