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"(A) ISO TC 323 Circular Economy Standards Development and (B) ISO Standards Overview and LCA Update"

A Session by Mike Levy and Michele Wallace

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About this Session

Key presentation points.

This presentation:

• Provides an update to newcomers to both the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) process and the latest on life cycle assessment (LCA) standards as well as new standards under development

• Provides an overview of the ISO standards process; including

1. What is a standard?

2. What is the Technical Advisory Group (TAG)?

3. How is international work done?

4. How do we achieve consensus?

5. How can you participate in the ISO process?

• This presentation will also highlight new ISO standards under development that will impact the global polyolefins and plastics industry, as well as a change in scope of a key existing standard, including:

1. ISO TC 207/Subcommittee 5 focusing on LCA. The presentation will provide a snapshot of key proposed changes in the scope of the ad hoc group overseeing the current ISO 14040 and 14044 LCA standards.

2. ISO TC 323 Circular Economy. This presentation will provide a high-level overview of the current activity within TC 323, how to get involved in the U.S. TAG to TC 323, including highlights from the four working groups and two technical reports formed to develop the standards:

3. ISO 14075 – Principles and Framework for Social LCA. This new standard under development in ISO TC 207 is consistent with the expanded scope of the current ISO 14040/14044 LCA standards.

4. ISO 14068 – Carbon Neutrality. This new standard under the ISO TC 207 Greenhouse Gas Subcommittee will have valuable information about topics related to carbon neutrality – carbon negative, climate neutral, carbon free, new-zero, and offsetting. 


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Mike Levy

Mike Levy

Market Area Director, Sustainability and GHG Consulting, First Environment, Inc.

Michele Wallace

Michele Wallace

Director, Sustainability Standards Development, Cotton Incorporated

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